The American Writers Association

Writers are under attack from a powerful group that seems intent on denying writers their right to fair wages. Recently a law was passed in California that makes it illegal to be paid an upfront fee for any services provided. This includes many types of traditionally published work. It is being pushed strongly in the State of California and similar laws could soon be passed in other states. If you are a writer, join the Writers Guild of America and fight for better wages.

Writers Guild, The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is an organization for writers anywhere in the world. Membership is open to anyone who is a professional writer regardless of industry, profession or geographical location. Anyone can become a member of the Writers Guild. Writing is one of the professions that have developed the most during the industrial revolution. Throughout the years the Guild has been instrumental in standing up for the rights of writers and in promoting and maintaining writers’ ability to earn a living. In recent times the global warming issue has brought about an awareness of the need to protect the environment.


The writers were instrumental in creating the modern-day guilds. The first organization to be formed out of the Guilds effort was the Associated Writers of America (AWA). On September 7th, 35 writers met in New York to form the American Association of Authors. The AWA went public with their plan to lobby the US Congress to pass a bill that would recognize writers as a “people” not just a “profit group”. The initial success of the AWA brought about many other organizations springing up all over the country.

When the AWA finally did pass the first Congress of writers they were joined by other like-minded writers such as poets, novelists, critics, and artists. Two of the most prominent members of the AWA were poets Ralph Ginsberg and Allen Ginsberg who had helped draft the original piece of legislation. One of the most important aspects of the AWA was the Writers Conferences which brought together different writers from various parts of the country to discuss issues of life and art and to form writing teams. These team meetings transformed the AWA into what it is today.

The first national AWA meeting took place in January 1935 and there were new members signing on after the previous members had retired or had become ill. This was the first time that writers from all parts of the country had come together. At the first congress of writers, there were new writers from places such as Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and California. There were also many veterans of the Second World War.

After the first AWA, there were three more national AWAs but they failed to gain any momentum. The fourth AWA congress was held in Alabama and was even bigger and had writers from all parts of the country. The fifth AWA congress took place in Texas and had writers from all over the United States. The sixth AWA congress was held in Chicago and had writers from all over the United States, Mexico and China.

After the first year when the writers association of America came into being the next step was for a national literary organization that would replace the former AWA. This new organization was known as the American Publishers Association and was led by lawyer Arthur Miller. He set up a writers committee which consisted of other writers and a board of directors. The committee decided issues that needed to be discussed and set about drafting a code of ethics to govern the association.

The main aim of the writers committee was to develop guidelines for writers to be used in the future so that the association would not be hampered in its development by political bickering between the publishers and writers. The National Book Festival took place in New York City in August, 1938. It was hosted by the literary luminary E.L. James. His tour of the country gave rise to the concept of the famous writer’s traveling fellowship. This fellowship is still in existence today.